All about adjustable rings

So why would I want an adjustable ring?

Using malleable sterling silver to create a ring with a gap allows for easy resizing to the perfect fit. If you have large knuckles or arthritic fingers, adjustable rings are more versatile and less painful to wear than traditional rings. 

Determining your ring size can be challenging due to the unique shape of everyone's fingers. While measurements can provide a general estimate, a perfect fit is not guaranteed.

Switch them from one finger to the next, and they’ll still fit as your hand grows and changes with time. What's not to love?

So how do I adjust my ring?

1. Hold the ring on both sides by the gap and slowly pull them apart. Please note: The more solid rings may need more force to adjust so be patient and use strength!

2. Apply pressure on the ring's top with your thumbs as you widen the gap. This will keep the ring's shape and provide a better grip.

3. Test the fit of the ring by sliding it onto your finger and adjust accordingly.